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Here is why  financial experts in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County are talking about plan for bill consolidation for consumers. (Chapter 13).  A chapter 13 case can put the consumer back in charge of his or her financial obligations.   The Chapter 13 case is a plan of reorganization for the consumer who is self-employed, a sole proprietor,  an employee or wage earner.  The chapter 13 process is designed to cure arrears on a house payments,  pay a tax debt or pay a money judgment.    Here are some of the benefits in a chapter 13 case.

  1. Stops Foreclosures (Trustee’s Sales)  and provides the homeowner up to 60 months to cure the arrears on past due house payments and real property taxes.  Stops Repossessions of motor vehicles and provides the owner up to 60 months to cure the arrears on past due car payments.  The debtor is entitled to reinstate the payments that are in arrears on secured debts.  The arrears on a deed of trust can be amortized over 60 months in many cases to bring the loan current.  The arrears on a car payment can also be cured during this same 60 month period.
  2. Stops the telephone calls, collection letters and collection efforts by creditors because of the automatic stay issued by the bankruptcy court in a bankruptcy case.  The automatic stay stops the creditors from enforcing the debt while the bankruptcy case is pending in the court.  The creditor must obtain relief from the automatic stay prior to continuing to enforce the debt after the case is filed by the debtor.
  3. Protects your real property, your paycheck earnings, personal property, and bank accounts from seizure and liquidation or foreclosure by creditors.  Stop Garnishment and Bank Account Levies by the automatic stay.  Stop Creditors.
  4. Reorganize your debt payments under the Bankruptcy Code.   A chapter 13 case is also know as a bill consolidation plan which allows the debtor to use his or her best efforts to use all disposable income to repay creditors.
  5. Make your creditors comply with your personal reorganization plan as approved by the Bankruptcy Court.  The Bankruptcy Court conducts a hearing after giving notice to your creditors of the terms and details of your proposed reorganization plan.
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