Bankruptcy–Bankruptcy filing for chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 for individual consumers and business entities are available with attorney, Charles Daff.  Charles Daff is a certified bankruptcy specialist by the State Bar of California.  Bankruptcy attorney, Charles Daff, has provided legal services to debtors and creditors in the bankruptcy court for over 39 years.  Some of the legal areas that the firm is involved covers real estate and personal property matters.  The real estate issues  foreclosures, trustee’s sales, reinstatement mortgage payments, avoidance of judicial liens and eviction to describe a few.  The personal property issues involve auto repossessions, bank levy, wage garnishment and collection lawsuits to describe a few. A chapter 7 bankruptcy provides in many consumer cases relief from payment of oppressive debt.  The decision to file for relief under chapter 7 requires an analysis of the assets and debts of each client to determine the benefits for client.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy provides in many consumer cases the relief from debt to propose a repayment plan to creditors.  The repayment plan can be extended to as long as 60 months.  This length of time is helpful to homeowners to reinstate delinquent  house payments prevent foreclosure by a lending institution.  A chapter 11 bankruptcy provides in many consumer and business cases the relief to propose a repayment plan to creditors.  A chapter 11 case takes additional time and effort by the client to complete the case and to confirm a chapter 11 plan of reorganization.

Creditors are represented by Charles Daff in the bankruptcy court.  Charles Daff has experience representing creditors in issues for relief from the automatic stay, filing creditor’s proofs of claims and defendant objections to proofs of claim.  Charles Daff has experience in defending and prosecuting for creditors adversary actions in the bankruptcy court that involve issues of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, personal injury judgments, dissolution of marriage judgments, and other actions to deny the discharge of debts.  charlesdaff.com